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Appril plans

August 17, 2015 — BarryK
I will probably upload Appril in a few days. It all looks good, except I am having trouble with QtCreator -- it crashes.

I want to move on, have lots of other things to do. So have taken out QtCreator, but it will still be available as a PET if anyone wants to play with it.

One of those "other things" is Rob's Web Developer course. I posted recently that I pledged 15 UK Pounds for a Android Developer Course on Kickstarter:

That reached a stretch-goal of two extra courses provided free, and I chose Rob's Web Developer and iOS Developer courses.

I have started on the Web Developer course, and want the time to put into it. So something else has to give way, and that will be Appril.


There is a problem in Quirky with one of the ffmpeg plugins crashing. This was actually reported on the forum awhile back.

I have upgraded to ffmpeg 2.7.2, which seems to have fixed it.

I also compiled the latest VLC, but was very disappointed. It did very poorly with my collection of test videos. I could not get it to scale videos to fit the window, and it would not play my mp4 videos at all. Weird.

On the otherhand, Xine has improved with the new ffmpeg. Previously, some of my mp4's were playing with stuttering, now they play smoothly.

So, Quirky, and Appril, are sticking with Xine.

Tags: linux