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Offline-AI2 emulator works

August 12, 2015 — BarryK
My offline App Inventor is looking good. I have now got the emulator to work. I have documented the steps here:

Here is a snapshot, as proof:

...a super-simple app, the button when clicked plays a sound, and there is an image displayed, and a checkbox that does nothing.

My intention now is to package the emulator as a PET, to include in the next build of Quirky (special Android-developer build codenamed "Appril").
Might checkout the Windows "ai2-setup" package first, to see if the emulator has a later API.


The 'ai2-setup' package has files taken out of the Android SDK.

The Android SDK is not the same as Android Studio. The latter is mostly the IDE, and at startup runs "setup wizard" which downloads Android SDK, or more specifically, the files needed to build for particular releases of Android, different hardware and different phones. For example, there are virtual images required for the emulator, each of these being about 80-100MB.

I have created a minimal Android SDK PET package, so that Android Studio will work "out of the box", without having to do further huge downloads -- and for a beginner this might be confusing as there is a lot of stuff that may be chosen to download.

The next step is to resolve 'ai2-setup' to use the actual Android SDK, not files copied out of it. This will be a space-saving exercise.
This is planned as my project for today.

This is an interesting blog, with AI2-related news, technical information and examples:

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