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Begone, /usr/X11R7

September 29, 2015 — BarryK
This is a momentous occasion. Up until now, all pups build from binary packages compiled in T2, have Xorg in /usr/X11R7.
This has been the cause of some difficulty, compiling some source packages, and getting all the paths setup properly. I have had to put in many messy symlinks.

No more. woofQ now builds with Xorg in /usr, in line with all other distros.

There is still /usr/X11R7, however it is a "symlink to nowhere", that is:
ln -s . /usr/X11R7

Meaning that X11R7 points to the current directory. So the path /usr/X11R7/lib, for example, is the same as /usr/lib.
Or, the path /usr/X11R7/bin is the same as /usr/bin.

It works. I have built my neo-64 Quirky, the "neo-64" thing being something else, but regarding the doing-away with /usr/X11R7, that works fine.

Just a couple of small path issues, which I will fix.

Tags: linux