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GParted updated

September 25, 2015 — BarryK
I am updating some packages, getting ready for another release of Quirky.

Updates get compiled in T2, then imported into woofQ (the Quirky builder).

These are the updates:
ntfs-3g 2015.3.14
f2fs-tools 1.4.1
gparted 0.23.0

I have updated GParted, as the one in April did not work when I had an empty gap at the beginning of the extended partition -- I wanted to move the starting-point of the extended partition so as to remove this gap.
The GParted live-CD fixed this, and now I am hoping the latest compiled for April will also work in this situation.


I have also compiled the latest gtkdialog from SVN.

The last official release is 0.8.3, however zigbert has Pmusic and other projects that need features from the later source.

Forum member 'Thunor' was maintaining the gtkdialog project for sometime, but it has been dormant for the last couple of years:

I have resisted upgrading to the unreleased version, but have now done so. I compiled the source from SVN, revision 514, and I have named the package 'gtkdialog-0.8.4pre-svn514.tar.bz2'.

Next, I plan to upgrade to zigbert's latest Pmusic, etc.

pbackup 3.1.9 1
pburn 4.3.16
pfilesearch 2.1
pfind 6.2
pmirror 0.6.2 1
pmusic 4.7.0
pschedule 1.1.6

Let's see, some forum links:


peasydisc 3.6
peasyglue 1.9
peasypdf 3.3
peasyport-noarch 2.0
peasyprint 2.8
peasyscale-noarch 1.8

I have updated to these latest versions. The "-noarch" in the name is my modification, as I have removed binary executables (they are in separate packages).

Some forum links:


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