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Samba 4.2.0 in T2, woofQ

September 26, 2015 — BarryK
I built Appril 7.1 with samba version 4.2.3, however T2 is currently only setup to compile 4.2.0, that Rene implemented earlier this year (up from 3.6.x).

I have compiled version 4.2.0 in T2, for the upcoming Quirky April "neo-64" build.
I have experimented with more configure options to reduce its size -- I hope that I haven't gone too far!

I have also put the setup and GUI frontend that 01micko, mikeb and rcrsn51 developed, into woofQ. It is packaged as a PET by ETP here:

This setup/GUI is now a template for the samba package in woofQ, meaning that the raw binary package imported from T2 gets all this extra stuff slapped into it for inclusion in the Quirky build.

Not tested yet!

Here is a forum thread where the developers have been working on the setup/GUI:


One thing to consider is that /var in Quirky is a tmpfs, and all content disappears at shutdown.

Except for /var/local, which gets saved at /root/.var/local, and is restored into /var at bootup.

I don't know whether samba needs to preserve anything in /var between boots?

Tags: linux