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April64 recompile in T2

October 03, 2015 — BarryK
I did a complete recompile in T2, for April64, the 64-bit build of Quirky.

It went right through, no failures, which is great, and took 21 hours. I had set T2 to use one CPU core, although my Intel i3 CPU has 4 cores. This is because my latop overheats if I do it with all 4 cores, though probably setting it to 2 cores would have been OK.

I did the complete recompile, as there have been incremental package upgrades, plus some new ones (such as x265), and a recompile will ensure maximum compatibility.

I have aborted the "x32" thing. The next release of Quirky will just be the usual thing, a x86 build and a x86_64 (amd64) build.
It will be the next upgrade from, and will be 7.2 when finally released.

While passing some time as it compiled, I read "Supervolcano: Eruption", by Harry Turtledove. Now about half way through. It's a trilogy and this is the first.
Yellowstone Park explodes, and everything goes down the gurgler after that. The characters are the usual collection of neurotic Americans

Tags: linux