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MoManager 20151010

October 15, 2015 — BarryK
MoManager is currently maintained by L18L, and he has released a new version:

I got confused while working on Quirky, prior to releasing 7.2. I forgot that MoManager is a PET, and I fixed a bug in /usr/sbin/momanager in woofQ, but the build of Quirky used the PET, so my fix was not there.

The bug I fixed was a popup not going away, but I see that L18L's latest script has fixed that.

Anyway, to avoid the confusion, I have merged L18L's latest into woofQ, and removed the old PET from the 'noarch' repo.
Basically, that involved putting in the latest /usr/sbin/momanager and three t12* scripts.

MoManager is now supporting mdview, a markdown viewer created by jamesbond:

Follow the check-in link to get the source tarball:

Quirky and many pups have Surfer (/usr/bin/surfer), which uses libgtkhtml. Surfer can render some HTML v4 and even some basic CSS v1. The executable is 42KB and is 417KB. The latter is a dead project.

So yeah, mdview does have an attraction for simple help files.
The translation support is good too.


Note that libgtkhtml is used elsewhere, not just by Surfer.

Osmo personal organiser uses it.
Though, it should be noted that the latest versions of Osmo, if my memory serves me right, have gone over to Webkit.
That's why you will find that Quirky has an older version of Osmo!

Notecase notes manager can also, I seem to recall, use libgtkhtml, however for the Notecase compiled for Quirky, ldd shows it is not compiled as a shared lib.

Tags: linux