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Firmware for Quirky Werewolf

November 02, 2015 — BarryK
Quirky Werewolf 7.2.3 has rather old network and display firmware, PETs that I created back at kernel version 3.17. Need to update for the 4.2 kernel.

The Ubuntu DEB repository has 'linux-firmware' and 'linux-firmware-nonfree'.

There are two scripts in Quirky, /usr/sbin/ and, that will create lists of all network and gpu firmware required by the kernel.

I have created scripts /usr/local/firmware/extract-fw-gpu and extract-fw-network, that will read those lists and extract the firmware out of the Ubuntu DEBs, and create PETs.

Here are the PETs (3MB, 22.5MB):

Big, but needed for Quirky to work out-of-the-box. Perhaps more firmware PETs could be included in the build? DVB?
Anyway, the Package Manager can be used to install the Ubuntu firmware DEBs.

Tags: quirky, linux