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Foreign pkgs in woofQ

November 05, 2015 — BarryK
Quirky Werewolf is built with Ubuntu 15.10 DEB packages. I can also specify PET packages in the package list. Good, but restrictive.

With the Quirky April series, I compiled everything in T2, which created .tar.bz2 binary files, that woofQ can import.

Now, on the Werewolf build, I would also like to build with some of those T2 packages. Up to now, I would have to convert a T2 package to a PET before I can use it.

Now, I have modified woofQ so that I can use the T2 packages directly in my Werewolf build.

For example, I have just compiled the latest mtpaint, 3.44.93, in T2. In my Werewolf package-list, I have changed the entry for mtpaint to this:


...explicitly telling it to get the package from the April binary package repository.

When I run '2createpackage', the T2 mtpaint binary package gets post-processed by packages-templates/mtpaint, and placed in folder packages-werewolf64, ready for script '3builddistro'.

All automatic, no need to use a PET!
The scripts that I modified are:
merge2out, 0setup, 1download, 2createpackages, support/findpkgs

Currently, this new feature is hard-coded for T2 April packages only, but I could generalise it in the future, so that you could for example use Debian packages in an Ubuntu build.

Tags: linux