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Quirky live-CD improvements

November 06, 2015 — BarryK
I am having a great time, improving the Quirky live-CD!

Originally, I did not intend to provide Quirky as a live-CD ISO file, as I consider that mode to be "on the way out".

However, I did create it, but it is restricted. It boots up totally in RAM, does not even look at the hard drive, and needs a lot of RAM.

I have taken a fresh look at it, and completely rewritten the 'init' script in the initrd. It is a tiny script, and now is much more frugal in usage of RAM, and boots faster.

Puppy has a very complex 'init' script in the initrd, due to probing the drives looking for Puppy files, and may have user input, and has to handle multiple PUPMODEs. It is about 1,980 lines, whereas my Quirky init script is currently only about 90 lines.

My init script will probably grow a bit more, as I have some new features in mind, but probably to no more than about 100 lines.

I am looking at further improvements, will report back!


My init script has grown to 119 lines, but that's about it.

I now need to work on the live-cd session-saving, and frugal install.

Tags: quirky, linux