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Quirky to Puppy converter

November 06, 2015 — BarryK
I have been curious about something. The build system for creating Quirky Linux is called woofQ, which I forked from Woof2 when I stopped development of Puppy Linux.
The community of Puppy enthusiasts took up the reins, and created woof-CE for continued development of Puppy.

I have posted about woof-CE in my blog, with links. It is hosted here:

Anyway, I digress. I was wondering if I could isolate exactly what makes Quirky different from Puppy. Given that Quirky is a fork of Puppy and is marching off in its own direction, still, it is mostly the bootup, shutdown, and some system management utilities that differ, the majority remains the same.

An interesting exercise, I created a new folder in woofQ named 'puppy', in which I placed all the Puppy-specific files that should override those in Quirky, and created a script to build a Puppy live-CD.
I downloaded woof-CE and used some files from it.

Finally, I was able to run the script, and build an actual Puppy, however when I tested it, I got that famous message:

Searching for Puppy files... puppy.sfs not found

Ah, that brings back memories. I need to fix something in the init script in the initrd, however will put it on the back-burner as have run out of enthusiasm.

Instead, I want to go back to the real Quirky and work on improving the live-CD. That has been on hold for sometime.
I want to get it to boot faster and run in PCs with less RAM. Probably should look at UEFI booting also.

Tags: quirky, linux