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SM 2.39, kernel 4.2.6, initrd fix

November 12, 2015 — BarryK
SeaMonkey 2.39
I have compiled SeaMonkey 2.39 for Quirky Werewolf64.
Version 2.38, in Quirky 7.3, is unstable, crashing seemingly randomly.

I read on the Linux From Scratch site, regarding SM 2.39, that the configure option '--enable-system-cairo' is a cause of instability.
Another thing, the SM developers have still not fixed compile fail with '--disable-logging'.

So, I have compiled SM with '--disable-system-cairo --enable-logging'.

Kernel 4.2.6
The Linux kernel developers state that we "must" upgrade to 4.2.6, so I have. Same configure options as 4.2.5 used in Quirky 7.3.

There was a bug in the 'init' script in the initrd, for live-CD and frugal installations. RAM usage was not as efficient as it could be for PCs with 1GB and less RAM.
This won't affect you if your PC has over 1GB RAM, otherwise, you might want to wait until Quirky 7.3.1 is released, to get an optimal experience.


There was a question raised on the forum about the folder path, when saving a session from a live-CD, or doing a frugal install.

Yes, it can have a path. For example "quirky/werewolf-7.3"

I have added a help button to the installers, to clarify that.

Tags: linux