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Wcpufreq 0.8.3

November 14, 2015 — BarryK
Wcpufreq is a CPU frequency scaling tool, with a GUI, run from the System menu.

Forum member 'partsman' reported that it doesn't run from the menu, but does from a terminal:

Fixed, and uploaded, now version 0.8.3:

Wcpufreq was created by forum member 'tazoc':

Forum member 'xanad' internationalised it, (which was in my 0.8.2 PET):

Tazoc did actually get to version 1.1 in 2013, but I had branched off with 0.8.1. I don't recall if 1.1 has anything we should have.

Those who have been around will remember tazoc and the superb contribution he made. He was the creator of Lighthouse Pup:
Unfortunately, tazoc had serious health issues. He hasn't posted to the forum since 2013.
Tazoc, if by any chance you read this, hope that you have bounced back!

Tags: linux