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January 27, 2016 — BarryK
Back in late 2013 I stepped back from leadership of the Puppy Linux project, after over ten years. See blog posts:

I did keep my hand-in with development of Quirky, a fork of Puppy Linux. Currently, I am not sure if I will do anything further with Quirky.

I kept ownership of the domain names and

Until now. Ownership of has been transferred to Michael Amadio, a guy who has proven his worth as a committed long-term developer of Puppy, and a good coordinator.

Mick has now pointed to a new site:

You can still access my old site, archived here:

Mick also has control of the domain name registrar for Currently it points to a site created by Raffy.

So, that's it! Best wishes to all you guys carrying the Puppy flag forward. I intend to pop into the forum sometimes.

And maybe, just maybe, I see a possibility of playing with "puppy-fying" Ubuntu Touch. But, that is only a vague maybe.


Here is a forum thread where the new is being discussed:

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