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T2 supports x32_abi

January 08, 2016 — BarryK
René has announced preliminary support for x32_abi in T2. He sent this email:

Hi all,
a little xmas and new year treat, maybe especially for the small binary embedded
and/or puppy folks:

I just committed some basic x86-64/x32 support glue to the t2/trunk.

X32 is x86-64 with 32-bit pointers, so still taking advantage of all the many more
general purpose registers and optimized calling convention, with less memory
and thus cache utilization (like we where running sparc32 user-land on sparc64
by default for this reason, too):

Not everything just builds yet (obviously not even upstream, e.g. no support for
valgrind or other low-level stuff yet).

This is very good news!
Awhile back, I got excited about x32, but it was a bit embarrassing as I misunderstood what it was all about.
But now, I can have a go at compiling for x32 in T2, and build a super-small and super-fast Quirky.

Note, this was my earlier, aborted, post on the topic:

Thanks for the Xmas/New-Year pressie René!

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