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gnome-bluetooth 2.32.0

March 29, 2016 — BarryK
I have compiled gnome-bluetooth 2.32.0 in Quirky Xerus.

This is an old version, the last using GTK2, however, I found many patches to get it to compile and fix bugs.

I have uploaded the original source, patched source, and the patches, here:

This is how I compiled it:
# patch -p1 < ../gnome-bluetooth-applet.patch

# patch -p1 < ../gnome-bluetooth-2.32.0-introspection-build.patch
# patch -p0 < ../gnome-bluetooth-2.32.0-libnotify-0.7.patch
# patch -p1 < ../gnome-bluetooth-2.32.0-nsd-automagic.patch
# patch -p1 < ../gnome-bluetooth-2.32.0-update-dtd.patch
# patch -p1 < ../gnome-bluetooth-2.32.0-pin-quirk.patch
# patch -p1 < ../gnome-bluetooth-client-use-valid-interface-names.patch
# ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --build=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu --enable-icon-update --disable-scrollkeeper --enable-schemas-compile --disable-desktop-update --enable-nautilus-sendto=no --enable-introspection=no --enable-moblin=no
# make
# new2dir make install

Most of the patches came from here:

A fix for dbus here:

Jamesbond created a patch:

I haven't actually tried it yet!


I can't get gnome-bluetooth to work.
Running "bluetooth-applet", nothing appears in the tray.
Running "bluetooth-properties", the GUI says Bluetooth is disabled, pressing the "Enable" button does nothing.

Bluetooth is actually enabled, the daemon 'bluetoothd' (in the 'bluez' DEB) is started by /etc/init.d/bluetooth at bootup.

The 'bluetoothctl' commandline utility (from 'bluez' DEB) works:

# bluetoothctl
> scan on
> connect <device number>

Very simple. Perhaps I should write a little GUI frontend for bluetoothctl.

As I am just getting started with Bluetooth, there is so much I don't know, such as how to transfer files, for example with my phone.
But, for now, probably target getting pairing with mouse, keyboard, and maybe speakers.

Tags: linux