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Keyboard works on E200HA laptop

March 28, 2016 — BarryK
I reported earlier that booting Quirky Xerus on my new Asus E200HA baby laptop, the keyboard did not work.

At first, neither did WiFi and sound , but I found firmware for that the ath10k wifi and that works, no sound still.

I then reported that I experimented with updating Xorg to use evdev (and udev), instead of the deprecated Xorg xf86-input-keyboard and xf86-input-mouse drivers.
But I was barking up the wrong tree, as the keyboard was actually dead at the console (kernel) level. So no go, still dead keyboard.

Then I booted Lubuntu 16.04 amd64 beta-2, and the keyboard works.

So, I examined the .config file for the Linux kernel in Lubuntu, found in the /boot directory, and spotted a few things that are not turned on in my Quirky kernel.

So, recompiled the 4.4.6 kernel for Quirky, with some extra "things" enabled, and now the keyboard works. I don't know which of those "things" did the trick.

That leaves sound. No one has got sound on the E200HA to work on Linux, so we just have to wait and hope.

Just a note about performance of Quirky on the Asus laptop: very snappy. Especially 'coz I'm running on the USB3 interface. Everything starts fast, responds fast.
I am going to be very happy if/when sound works.

Tags: linux