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Lubuntu 16.04 x86_64 beta2

March 27, 2016 — BarryK
I downloaded the ISO from here:

Burnt it to a DVD, plugged in my USB-DVD drive, then found that the UEFI-firmware in my new Asus E200HA will not recognise it.

Hmmm, OK, so I did this:
# dd if=./lubuntu-16.04-beta2-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb
# sync

Where sdb is a USB Flash stick. I then took the flash-stick and it booted on my Asus E200HA.

Hey, now both keyboard and mouse work on my new laptop.
The challenge is now to figure out what Ubuntu is doing right, that my Quirky Xerus is doing wrong -- oh, I do hope it isn't something in systemd!


Perhaps it is old knowledge to others, but I only recently discovered that an ISO can be written to a USB Flash stick, and booted, as shown above.

Thus, there is one less reason to use optical media.

When I download an ISO file for testing, which I do regularly, I just write it to a Flash stick. That can be an 8GB stick, so as the take a large DVD image.

The only reason that I have to use optical media is play DVDs, can't think of anything else. And I rarely do that, and when I do, I plug the DVD into the in-built DVD drive on my TV.

So, optical drives are becoming history.

Tags: linux