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Retrovol 0.14.1-forked

March 31, 2016 — BarryK
Pizzasgood created Retrovol, an audio mixer, many years ago, and last updated it, at version 0.14.1, about 2 years ago:

There was some discussion on the Puppy Forum of improving MSCW (Multiple Sound Card Wizard):

And there was a link to a fork of retrovol, by 'wdlkmpx':

...this adds MSCW into the right-click menu of Retrovol.

Note, Forum members Geoffrey and rg66 created something similar, but it requires Yad -- which I do currently have in Quirky, but not sure if I will keep it. Their fork of Retrovol is here:

I notice that wdlkmpx has contributed heavily to many projects, including woof-CE.

I have compiled wdlkmpx's Retrovol and created PETs:


While on the topic of heavy contributors, another person comes to mind, who I was thinking recently contributes an incredible amount, and has done so for years.

Puppy Forum member 'jamesbond' is one of the brains behind Fatdog ('kirk' is another creator of Fatdog).

Jamesbond also contributes to Puppy Linux, and has helped enormously recently setting up the new site.

Jamesbond has a blog here:

...which is extremely interesting reading.

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