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YouTubeDL Youtube downloader

April 01, 2016 — BarryK
There is a commandline utility, 'youtube-dl', written in Python, for downloading videos.

Puppy Forum member 'TechnoGuy458' has developed a GUI for it, using gtkdialog:

I installed 'youtube-dl' in Quirky Xerus, as it is in the Ubuntu repo. I have Python 2.7 in the build (not in the devx), and only one extra DEB was needed, 'python-pkg-resources'.

Note, if you get youtube-dl from the Ubuntu repo, get the very latest version (xenia xerus), as earlier versions probably won't work (due to YouTube periodically changing things to try and break downloaders).

Problem though, even though the commandline utility works, TechnoGuy458's app didn't work, nothing downloaded, no error message.

So I knocked up a simple little GUI for 'youtube-dl', using gtkdialog. Here is the PET:

First version, extremely simple. I don't know if/when I will get around to adding more features, as it does what I want.
If anyone wants to experiment, add more features, go for it.

Note, YouTubeDL will be in the upcoming Quirky Xerus.

Tags: linux