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BluePup Bluetooth management

April 07, 2016 — BarryK
I have created a GUI wrapper around the commandline 'bluetoothctl' utility, which is part of the 'bluez' package.

This is only the first version, and I intend to put some more things into the GUI window, but this is what it currently looks like:

In the 'Command' box, any command that bluetoothctl accepts can be entered, and the result displayed in 'Output log'.

If any devices are detected, they are composed into 'Found devices', which is a list from which the user can make a choice.

The 'Formula' (maybe should be 'Formulae' for plural?) are simple files with a preset set of commands to feed into bluetoothctl.

I have created '/usr/local/bluepup/formula/SCAN & PAIR'. BluePup scans the folder /usr/local/bluepup/formula at startup and creates buttons for each file found.

A formula file is easy to create. It also has an easy mechanism to request and wait for the use to make a choice from the 'Found devices' list.

My knowledge of Bluetooth is very much "getting started". My SCAN & PAIR pairs with my mouse, however it does not persist after a reboot.
I will include BluePup in the next Quirky, and I invite those with more Bluetooth experience to have a go at fixing the reboot problem, also to create more formula files for other purposes, such as file transfer.

BluePup PET
It is a PET, not yet uploaded. Currently has a few quirks that might limit it to working in Quirky Xerus only, so want to start testing it in that environment.
However, the PET can be easily modified to work in other pups -- needs 'bluez' and 'gtkdialog', also 'pupmessage', 'pupdialog' and 'popup'.

Those last three are message GUIs, and I think most pups will have pupmessage and pupdialog, but maybe not popup. Popup is a binary executable, that can be grabbed out of Quirky.

Blue Pup
Forum member 'ETP' developed a puplet named 'Blue Pup', last release in 2014:
My apologies for using the same name, it is just that the name BluePup seemed just so right -- besides, mine does not have a space between the words

Bluetooth discussion
Forum member 'tempestuous' started this interesting thread:


Sending this from my mobile phone, while in a bumpy bus!

I also created a tray applet for BluePup, doesn't do much yet, just launches BluePup manager GUI

The Ubuntu 'bluez' DEB package installs /etc/default/bluetooth and /etc/init.d/bluetooth

The former is a master switch for enabling Blutooth or not, just a variable, which at first startup is "BLUETOOTH_ENABLED=0"

/etc/init.d/bluetooth reads the above file, and if enabled, launches the daemon, 'bluetoothd'.
Does a couple of other things, don't know what they do.

My 'bluepup' script expects /etc/init.d/bluetooth to exist. If /etc/default/bluetooth doesn't exist, it is created -- which won't affect puplets that don't use it.

Tags: linux