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Downloading Gummiboot

April 19, 2016 — BarryK
In the Puppy Forum, jamesbond mentioned 'gummiboot'. Intrigued, I tried to find it:

Gummiboot has been merged into systemd.

The git repository is here:

The last commit, before it was deleted, was at 2015-03-11. Click on that one, and there is a commit SHA1 sum. This can be used to checkout the last working revision.

This seems to work:
# git clone git://
# cd gummiboot
# git checkout 2bcd919c681c952eb867ef1bdb458f1bc49c2d55
# cd ..
# mv gummiboot gummiboot-20150311
# dir2tgz gummiboot-20150311/

Tags: linux