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Kernel config for EFI

April 09, 2016 — BarryK
Quirky has a long-standing bug, booting on UEFI-firmware PCs.
If I boot with "loglevel=7", I am supposed to see heaps of output from the kernel on the screen at bootup. On BIOS systems, fine, but nothing displays on UEFI systems.

Another thing, on my new Asus laptop, the keyboard works in the initial Syslinux screen, and after bootup, but not while the kernel is booting.

The last couple of days, I have recompiled the kernel about 9 times, trying to fix it.

So far, I have fixed the first bug, not the keyboard bug.

These are the settings that I was mostly playing with:

Kernel hacking
[*] Early printk via the EFI framebuffer
Bus options
[*] Mark VGA/VBE/EFI as generic system framebuffer
Device drivers -> Graphics support -> Framebuffer devices
[*] EFI-based framebuffer support
[*] Simple framebuffer support
Device drivers -> Graphics support -> Console display driver support
{*} Framebuffer console support

I currently have them set as shown.
The most important is the last one, which was the 'fbcon' module, which I always had as a module, but it must be builtin.

Tags: linux