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Quirky Linux 8.0 released

April 21, 2016 — BarryK
Here it is, a brand new Quirky! A few paragraphs for the announcement:

Quirky Linux 8.0 is released. This is codenamed "Xerus", as it has binary compatibility with Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit package repositories. This means that Quirky is able to install DEB packages from these repositories.
Other than that, Quirky is in no way similar to Ubuntu!

8.0 has Linux kernel 4.4.7, SeaMonkey 2.40, and a host of applications to fill every need. As per inheritance from Puppy Linux, Quirky includes the "kitchen sink" in a very small download.

Significant new features for 8.0, in no particular order, are BluePup GUI management for Bluetooth, the ISO now boots on UEFI-firmware machines, YASSM GUI to manage Samba, YouTubeDL GUI youtube downloader, and many applications updated.
And, as usual, a multitude of bug fixes and little improvements.

The full announcement and release notes are here:

Installation instructions:

Alternative installation technique:

Probably faster download host:
Another host:

There is a forum thread for bug reports and general feedback:

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