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Quirky Xerus 7.90 (8.0beta)

April 14, 2016 — BarryK
This is a beta release, not to announced on Distrowatch!
I intend to release Quirky Xerus 8.0 around about the 21st of April, however, have brought out this beta for anyone who might like to play with it and help find and fix bugs.
As to what is new and interesting in Quirky Xerus, scan down through my blog posts.

Download from here:

Not yet at Nluug, but the files should turn up here sometime:

Readme file:

I have found some bugs.
One of them is in BluePup, my bluetooth management GUI. When you bring it up, either from menu, click on the icon in tray, or run "bluepup" in a terminal, the "SCAN & PAIR" button needs an adjustment -- click the "edit" button alongside it and change the timeout for "power on" from "10" to "30" (that will be 5 seconds to 15 seconds).

I have started a thread on the Puppy Forum:


I have uploaded a 4GB image file, for those who don't have one of the larger Flash drives.

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