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Quirky Xerus ISO file

April 19, 2016 — BarryK
I have created a live-CD ISO file of Quirky Xerus 7.90, using isohybrid.

Download, 350MB:

Boot from CD or USB
This ISO can be booted on an optical disk, CD or DVD, or from a USB Flash drive.
In the latter case, just use 'dd' to write it to the Flash drive. Any drive 512MB or bigger should work.
For the example of the USB drive being sdc (and unmounted):

# dd if=xerus64-7.90.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=1M
# sync

It is supposed to boot on both types of PCs.

For a PC with UEFI-firmware, Legacy Boot is not required. The only thing to do is turn off Secure Boot, as explained here:

I need some help. My baby laptop, an Asus E200HA, with UEFI-firmware, does not have an optical drive, and it cannot boot from my external USB optical drive.
Writing the ISO to a USB Flash stick works.

Someone with a UEFI-firmware PC and internal optical drive, can help me here. Burn the ISO to a CD, and see if it will boot. With Legacy Boot turned off!

This ISO is a bit big. It has some flab that I will remove.
The Quirky Installer might not work properly.

There is a forum thread for feedback:

Tags: quirky, linux