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Samba utilities missing

April 07, 2016 — BarryK
Puppy Forum member 'gcmartin' sent me an email that the 'smbclient' and 'smbmount' utilities are missing from Quirky Werewolf.

Yes, I had left out the smbclient DEB package, so have added that to the Quirky Xerus package list.

smbmount though, that is a problem, as it no longer exists in Ubuntu.

Ubuntu has the 'cifs-utils' DEB package, that I have now added to the Quirky Xerus package list.

The lack of smbmount is explained here:

So, if our Samba Simple Management, or YASSM, use smbmount, they will need to be modified.
...I'll leave that to you guys who are into using Samba!

...probably the guys developing Tahpup and similar, have already worked this out.

Note that Quirky Xerus will be released this month, probably about the same time as Ubuntu 16.04 -- which is scheduled for April 21.

Tags: linux