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SmartGit GUI for git

April 30, 2016 — BarryK
My knowledge of git is rudimentary. With my recent interest in Sabotage Linux, I am now itching to be able to contribute to the project, which is on github.

So, I thought that I would make life easier for myself by using one of the GUIs for git. After playing with a few, some of which wouldn't even start, I have settled on SmartGit.

This is a commercial product, free for non-commercial projects. Their website:

It needs Adobe's Java JRE v7, which I got from here:
I got 7u80, expanded it in my Sabotage project partition, and then created /root/.smartgit/smartgit.vmoptions with one entry:
...which is where my JRE is expanded.

The SmartGit download expands to directory 'smartgit', and inside that just run bin/ That's it, off she goes.

There are setup questions, and I chose to connect to github (where you need to already have an account), and chose the Sabotage repository:

Then chose to clone it, also specified to clone it in my project partition, /mnt/sdb5/projects/sabotage

Hey, simple and it works. Looks good. Now all I have to do is learn how to use it

Well, there are some tutorials:

Note, I'm running Quirky April 7.2.1 64-bit. I am back on this slightly older Quirky, as Sabotage does not like Quirky Xerus.

Maybe I should start a Forum thread for discussing Sabotage and SmartGit.


Here are some reviews:

Took me awhile to grasp how to use git and SmartGit.
In retrospect, as with most things, it is now looking fairly simple, and I like SmartGit very much.

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