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WoofQ uploaded for Quirky 8.0

April 22, 2016 — BarryK
WoofQ is my Woof build system, for creating Quirky Linux. WoofQ forked from Woof2 a couple of years ago, about the same time that I passed development of Puppy Linux to the "Puppy community" and they forked Woof to WoofCE (Community Edition).

WoofQ is maintained online by my Bones, a minimalist VCS (Version Control System).
As Quirky Linux 8.0 has just been released, I have synced the online woofQ.

Download woofQ from Bones VCS
To download woofQ, it is a good idea to get an idea on how Bones works, read this page:

You need to have Bones PET installed. The latest version is 0.3.1. Then, do this, in a partition with a Linux filesystem and about 10GB free space:

# mkdir projects
# cd projects
# mkdir woof-project
# cd woof-project
# bones setup

...a window will popup, enter two fields:
Username: mrperson (or any name you want, no spaces)
Download URL:

# bones download

...depending on how slow is (and it can get very slow at times), it will take awhile to download. Currently, the entire history downloads. I have not (yet) implemented a download only of latest revision.

Using woofQ
When it has finished, you will see two folders 'woof-bones' and 'woof-project'.
The former has all of woofQ VCS downloaded, and 'woof-project' has the latest revision checked-out, ready to use.

Look inside folder 'woof-project', there are two folders, 'puppy' and 'quirky'.
Both have README files. The 'quirky' folder is where you will build Quirky Linux:

# cd quirky
# ./merge2out

Note, anytime in the future, that you want to sync with (download) my online woofQ VCS, with terminal open in folder 'woof-project', type:

# bones download

WoofQ tarball
For those who don't want to bother with Bones, just want a tarball of latest revision of woofQ, without the Bones VCS download infrastructure, I have uploaded a tarball here (21MB):

Building a Quirky derivative
If you fancy using woofQ to build your own derivative of Quirky Xerus, I recommend that you be running an installation of my Quirky Xerus, for (probably) guaranteed compatibility of the build environment. Quirky Werewolf is also OK, though there are some older packages, such as f2fs-tools, and I think it is best to be using the latest packages.
It may not be required, but I also recommend that you install '' (see in 'pet-xerus' repository in the Package Manager) -- as I always have it installed. Just a precaution, to follow my build environment as closely as possible.

Note, for a suitable host build environment, Quirky Xerus does not need to be installed to hard drive partition. I often run Quirky from a full install to a USB-stick. I install the 'devx' PET, reboot, and off I go, with a full development environment. Very convenient, not to mess around with the hard drive.

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