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YASSM GUI client for Samba

April 01, 2016 — BarryK
I posted yesterday about rcrsn51's "Peasy" series of PETs:

rcrsn51 has some others also, including YASSM, a Samba client GUI:

I did not put YASSM into Quirky Werewolf, the previous version of Quirky, as it already has these two:

Samba Simple Management

The latter is a script that has been developed by Puppy devotees -- I think 01micko is one of the main guys who created it. The script is '' and is discussed in various places on the Puppy Forum, including here:

I have '' in the template for samba, in the Quirky builder (woof derivative). Located at /usr/sbin.

The samba pkg also installs /etc/init.d/rc.samba

I did not include YASSM in Quirky Werewolf, as wondered if it might be a "too many cooks" situation.
Anyway, a quick look, it doesn't seem to conflict, so have put in YASSM for the upcoming Quirky Xerus.

Tags: linux