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Sabotage progress stalled

May 31, 2016 — BarryK
For the last few days, I have been trying to compile SeaMonkey. I have posted a report here:

The problems are mostly because of musl.

I'm thinking about going back to the grass roots. I like Sabotage. Much nicer, for me anyway, than T2.

One of the Sabotage ideas, of installing everything into /opt, I have become a bit doubtful about. But, that is how butch, the package manager, is able to create package-lists, in fact, how butch expects things to be.

Sabotage can however, install everything to /, and I have done a complete build that way, and run it from Flash stick.

Sabotage's chroot build environment is very nice, works flawlessly.

The main problem is musl. I have compiled almost everything. SeaMonkey, though, is important to me, I must have it.

So, I am thinking very seriously of forking Sabotage and redesign it to use glibc instead of musl. I will probably use LFS as my guide.

A very interesting project, going right back to basics, creating a complete compile-from-source system, integrated into a new Linux distro.
This proposed new distro is already created, I have it running on a Flash stick. It integrates Sabotage and Quirky/Puppy.
However, my proposal is to redo the Sabotage part of it to use glibc, plus some other changes.

The name for this new distro is Easy Linux. Ha ha, my ambition is soaring far above the status quo!

I won't upload the current Easy Linux. It does have Firefox, actually is running OK, but too many rough edges and broken bits.

Regarding the name Easy Linux, it is the name of a German magazine, and there was, for a few months only, a distro of that name in 2011.

I don't know if this new glibc-based-sabotage-Easy-Linux thing will actually happen. We shall see.


I had become disheartened with musl, but rofl0r, the main guy at Sabotage, came to the rescue with a patch, and I was off again. One more patch and some configure changes, and finally SeaMonkey compiled.

Our discussion is here:

So, staying with musl!

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