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Sabotaged Quirky boots

May 17, 2016 — BarryK
I have created the very first Sabotaged Quirky (I probably need to think of a better name!).

This is a total rethink, completely unlike any Puppy. I even decided to abandon Woof*. Instead, I have created a package, named "woofs", that gets installed in the Sabotage build environment, and has a script 'create-quirky', that builds a filesystem. The filesystem is then written to a USB-stick or SD-card, and it is bootable.

I get a desktop, though horribly broken. JWM is at least running.

The appendage on "WoofS" is S from Sabotage, though it could also be read as multiple barks! -- much better than just one bark!

There is an awful lot to explain about what is new/different. Basically, everything. The only thing that I am retaining is the Puppy-like UI -- JWM/ROX-Filer and the usual selection of applications, and, as much as possible, the convenient utilities.

Tags: linux