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Sabotaged Quirky

May 10, 2016 — BarryK
For those who read this blog, and are wondering what is going on, re me not posting recently, I am very busy.

I have kind of gone into a tunnel, porting packages into Sabotage. The idea being to build Quirky from those binary packages.

However, I am planning to go a lot further than that. A revolutionary new Quirky, using the directory hierarchy and 'butch' compile-from-source package manager from Sabotage.

Plus some security ideas.

After all, this is what Quirky is all about, trying new ideas. I have codenamed it "Sabotaged Quirky", or just "SQ".


The butch package manager compiles packages and installs them. That includes the Linux kernel.

The kernel that Sabotages is 4.4.9, huge monolithic, about 6MB, without any modules.

I want to use my .config file from Quirky, which creates a gadzillion modules. I also have special patches, plus Aufs patches.

I have added all of this to Sabotage, and the kernel is now merrily compiling away.

Tags: linux