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New logo for Easy Linux

June 23, 2016 — BarryK
I am working toward creating a new Linux distribution, based on the best ideas from Puppy, Quirky and Sabotage, and compiled from source (maybe for x86_64 x32).
I intend other improvements, such as finally getting out of all that stuff in /root and properly supporting non-root login.

I thought about a logo that implies "easy", and a "thumbs up" like this seems good:

I converted it to SVG:

...consists of a small number of objects, so very easy to edit. Can be edited in InkscapeLite in Puppy and Quirky.

The original PNG image is "free", however, I would like my logo to be different, not so obviously just a copy of it.
My ability with artwork is pathetic -- anyone willing to have a go, to make my SVG image look different/better?


I started a forum thread to discuss this:

Tags: linux