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Nexus 5 phone ordered

June 26, 2016 — BarryK
I have posted about MaruOS:

Decided to give it a go, and have ordered a Nexus 5 (brand new). I have purchased it on eBay, from Hong Kong. Price is AU$200, including postage.
I need the international model, D821. There is another, D820, for the USA market.

A Slimport HDMI adaptor is required, which connects a TV or monitor to the phone. The adaptor also needs to have a simultaneous USB charging connection.
The MaruOS project does have a recommended one, however, I already have one that I purchased from Sony.

It will be cool to have Debian running on my phone, alongside Android, however, I am thinking beyond that, to a Puppy-like distro (Easy Linux) replacing Debian. I posted some preliminary thoughts on that:

This will mean that I have to get back into building ARM-based pups. I will dust-off my Pi2.

Another thing that has happened that is making me think of going back to ARM, is that Intel announced they are pulling out of trying to get x86 SoCs into phones (and tablets?).
This decision is likely to lead to further decline of x86, even on the desktop.

Some posts about Intel's decision:

However, it seems that Intel is not pulling out completely, but refocusing. Internet of Things seems to be one of those new targets.

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