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Quirky getting out of root dir

July 24, 2016 — BarryK
Quirky, and all puppies, have heaps of stuff in /root. This came about because we always ran as root, or administrator.
I did redesign with everything out of /root when I was working on Sabotage, a musl-based build. However, I abandoned that.

I have started giving the same treatment to Quirky.
Today I have moved /root/.packages to /etc/packages. This is where all the package management files reside (as used by the Puppy Package Manager).

I did however, create a symlink from /root/.packages to /etc/packages, in case there are any PETs installed still hard-coded to the old path.


I have changed my mind, and reverted /etc/packages back into /root/.packages.

Instead, I am approaching it from a different angle. Admin settings can stay in /root

Tags: linux