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Ubuntu-Mate on Pi3

July 10, 2016 — BarryK
I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi3:

I decided to download Ubuntu Mate 16.04 for the Pi3, from here:

I recently had an underwhelming experience with the Ubuntu Installer, when doing an x86_64 install to my laptop:

I was expecting a certain standard, a certain degree of polish, from the Ubuntu distribution, so the installer was a disappointment.

Now, I am again experiencing disappointment, this time with Ubuntu's network-manager on the Pi3.

The Ubuntu-Mate URL above, does state that there is a bug with wi-fi. A reboot is required after first bootup, for wi-fi to work.

OK, but I was still unable to connect to my wi-fi network. I was so surprised that network-manager, on the Pi3 anyway, does not have network scanning, that is, there is no presentation of available wi-fi networks. I had to manually enter the SSID!!!

Having done so, only WEP security was offered, not WPA.

I was feeling somewhat disgusted at that point, and turned off the Pi3.

I am going to download Raspbian, even though it is compiled for the ARMv6 architecture (Pi2 and 3 support ARMv7).

Pity that I wasted 1.1GB download. I only have a 4G Internet connection, with 12GB per month. I can purchase additional data, at AU$15 per 1GB.

Tags: linux