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Underdog Easy Linux

July 21, 2016 — BarryK
I am thinking of abandoning the work that I have done so far for Easy Linux, instead go back to the old "underdog" concept.

Underdog is an idea that never really took off. Even though it works well, and is a very easy way to transform any other distro into a Puppy-like distro.

Underdog is an idea that I introduced back in Puppy 2.x, but I reintroduced it to Woof2, the Puppy build system, in 2012, see my blog post:

In that blog post, there is a link to my now-retired Woof2 repository, which I discovered to be broken. Yeah, Woof2 got broken when I moved accounts about a year ago.
A couple of paths needed to be fixed, now Woof2 Fossil repo is functioning.

This is the link that shows the reintroduction of Underdog:

This capability should also be in Woof-CE, the Community Edition that forked off Woof2 when I retired from Puppy development. Woof-CE was forked in November 2013.
Here is the Woof-CE Github repository:

I can investigate adding Underdog capability to Quirky, my experimental distro. Note, Quirky is built with a fork of Woof2, called WoofQ:

Underdog capability is not in WoofQ, so I will have to investigate ways of bringing it back.

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