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Update and new PETs from trio

July 27, 2016 — BarryK
Forum member trio has developed some great PETs for tweaking the desktop themes.

I have updated these two:

JWM Theme Maker

GTK Theme Maker 1.9.4

There is a new PET created by trio:

SVG Wallpaper Maker 1.8.3

I have added the latter to the next build of Quirky.

The problem though, is SVG Wallpaper Maker does not yet work in Quirky. It does work, in that I can create a wallpaper, however Qwallpaper does not display it.
Also "Setter" button in wallmaker fails, as there is no executable "wallpaper".

...mere details!


Wallmaker is now working in Quirky, version

Tags: linux