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Installing MaruOS 0.2.3

August 16, 2016 — BarryK
A quick report on installing Maru OS to the Google LG Nexus 5 phone -- very easy.

I have a brand new Nexus 5 (international version, model D821), that I purchased from Hong Kong. It cost me AU$200 including postage, very cheap, it pays to buy a phone that is a year or two out-of-date!

Got it from "linda1023" on ebay, and I see it is now only AU$178:

The phone works, but odd, the language is not English, looks like Russian, but easy enough to change to English.

I plugged it into a USB port on my laptop, and had to turn on "Developer mode", then "USB debugging", as explained in the HELP file (after unzipping the download).

The Maru download is from here:

I have 0.2.3, the latest installer, though there are later bug fixes in github. But, taking baby steps.

After expanding the zip file, running Quirky Linux (Xerus 8.0), and enabling USB debugging on the phone, it was then a very simple matter of running "", as explained here:

It is Android 5.1.1, absolute vanilla flavoured. The lack of Google stuff such as gmail app and app-store app appeals to me.

So far, just playing with the phone, looks like a pretty normal Android. Have not yet tried an external monitor!


I posted to the Maru forum about the potential of using with the Superbook:!topic/maru-os/9D_TBOXKo_8

So, I have ordered the HDMI adaptor that is officially recommended for use with Maru OS:

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