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MBeat Gorilla 4-port USB charger

August 30, 2016 — BarryK
I bought a 4-port USB charger, on sale at AU$30:

Reason is, I only had a 1A USB charger, not enough for my Pi3. The Gorilla has two ports rated at 2.4A and two rated at 1A.

Throw in the adaptors, and I am ready for international travel.

There are cheaper chargers at and, however the one that particularly interested me on was tested by one guy to have 6.5V output -- too high!

Android smartphones have over-voltage detection that cuts in at about 6V, and any higher, the phone won't charge at all.

So I ended up going to a local Harvey Norman store -- not renowned for cheapness, but they have good buys at sales.

Tags: linux