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armv7 PETs for Quirky on Pi2 and Pi3

September 04, 2016 — BarryK
I reported recently that armv7 PETs that I compiled on the Mele board, back around 2012, don't work on the Pi2 and Pi3. Note, they did work on my Odroid-X board.

Those old armv7 PETs are here:

However, the old armv6 PETs that I compiled about the same time, do work on Pi2 and Pi3:
So, I have copied them here, for Quirky builds:

I have had to manually compile many packages for armv7, on Pi2, running Quirky Xerus, here they are:

Right now, my Pi2 is running on the desk alongside my laptop, executing '3builddistro' in woofQ, and hopefully will build a working "QuirkyPi".

This "QuirkyPi" has rather a lot of the old armv6 PETs in it. I shall find out how many of them actually still work, and I am sure many of them will need to be upgraded.

I am not quite sure how far away I am to releasing QuirkyPi (will this name stick?). Maybe even if it has some rough edges, I could release it as an alpha build.


I compiled all of the armv7 PETs on my Pi2:

Except for one, xdialog. Compile failed, and instead of persisting to try and compile it, I grabbed it from James Bond's binary package collection for FatdogArm (for arm boards, including Pi2).

FatdogArm home page is here:

Curses, James compiled his packages on the Mele board also, and they work on the Pi2!

FatdogArm compiled packages are here:

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