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Bluetooth, almost there

September 22, 2016 — BarryK
Bluetooth is still broken in Quirky 8.0.18 on the Raspberry Pi3.

I have found a few problems, and discovered a hairy bug -- the special 'hciattach' command to bind hci0 to /dev/serial1, has to be run twice.
The first time, it times out, run it again and it reports success. Eventually discovered this, after much frustration. This is a Pi bug. I do recall this problem being mentioned in a forum somewhere.

Have made changes, to the 'bluepup' PET, 'raspberrypi-setup' PET, and in woofQ the files '/etc/rc.d/, /etc/default/bluetooth and /etc/init.d/bluetooth.

Will do another build and test again.



Right now I am posting from build 8.0.19, ran Bluepup (icon on tray), and it paired with my mouse. Using the mouse now.

And of course I have fixed wifi, so connected to Internet and posting from my Pi3.

One thing though. Back when I was developing Bluepup, on my baby laptop, it worked, but did not remember the pairings after a reboot. I never found out why.
I haven't tested that on the Pi yet.

I will have to check this with Windows and my Android phone. Quirky on Pi3, after a reboot, the mouse does not work. Mouse has to be powered-off and powered-on, then gets recognised.

Turning the mouse on before powering up the Pi3, mouse does not work. Is this behaviour expected?

Tags: linux