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Cheap wired keyboards

September 05, 2016 — BarryK
for the discerning buyer of cheap wired USB keyboards, this is my experience.

A couple of years ago, I purchased a wired keyboard made by Be Inc., from BigW. This looks like it:

It looks the same, but I cannot confirm it is the same model as mine, as mine went into the trash bin recently.
EDIT: found the docs, yep the one I binned is the same model.

Quoting from the web site:
features durable keys that are designed to withstand prolonged use

Actually, the keys are weird, there is a kind of scraping sensation when they are pressed.
However, it is the Enter key that made me trash it -- the design is such, that if pressed slightly off-centre, it sticks down, which then auto-repeats enter characters. Not good!

The Be keyboard is only AU$14, however, yesterday I bought a J. Burrows wired keyboard from Officeworks for only AU$8:

And I am so surprised. The keys have nice travel, and feel very smooth when pressed. The Enter key performs well regardless of being pressed on-centre or off-centre.

Will the J. Burrows keyboard stand up to prolonged use? That remains to be seen. Off to a good start though.

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