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D-Link DWA-131 USB wifi adaptor

September 18, 2016 — BarryK
I bought this today. After running 'lsusb', I found it is interface '2001:3319', which is a rtl8192eu chip.

There is no driver for this in the 4.4.x Linux kernel.

I found very useful info here, with a link to driver source:

I downloaded the driver from here:

Note, another site is here:

After installing the kernel source PET, I compiled it on my laptop, running Xerus64. Haven't tested it though, only ran "ifconfig -a" to verify that the wlan1 interface exists.

I don't have the correct source for the 4.4.19-v7+ kernel used in my Pi build, so cannot yet compile on the Pi.


I also have one of these. Same thing, not supported by the kernel.

Awhile back, I compiled the driver, so I know it works.

Source is here, follow link to MT7610U USB:

Not sure what to do about this lack of wifi adaptor support in the kernel. I'm using a pre-compiled 4.4.19-v7+ kernel, but to add these extra drivers, I am going to need the full source for the Pi, and the .config.

Tags: linux