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Kernel 3.10.103 for Odroid XU4

September 27, 2016 — BarryK
I posted about compiling the 4.8.0rc Linux kernel for the Odroid XU4:

They worked, but audio, wireless and usb3 are broken. And who knows what else?

The 3.10.x source however, is very mature. It has been heavily patched to work with the Odroid boards.

My main reason for wanting to move up to a later kernel, is I wanted Overlay FS. However, if I am going to compile the kernel myself, why not patch with Aufs, as have always done.

So I downloaded the Aufs patch, which I found here:

And downloaded the Odroid kernel source:

...see how active it is, the last commit 7 days ago.

Hey, I discovered that the Odroid source already has Aufs!

I have shoehorned the Odroid source into my standard build scripts, and the kernel is compiling now.


Had some problems with compiling, posted to the Odroid forum:

Seems to be resolved.

Tags: linux