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Organizing SD-cards

September 15, 2016 — BarryK
I am currently using micro-SD cards for developing Quirky on my Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3.

The problem is, it was getting very confusing just what is on what card. I have had this problem before, but now it is worse.

I have various builds of Quirky on some 8GB micro-SD cards, one with James' Fatdogarm, plus a couple of other larger-capacity cards.

You can't write much on these tiny cards, so I have worked out a system. I use a permanent marker pen (Camlin CD-DVD marker pen actually) and just write one unique number on the card.

I bought one of these, a J.Burrows card holder, for AU$5:

Note, the lass in Officeworks informed me that J.Burrows is their in-house brand, and being superceded by the name "InSystem", so now they have:

I have kept the full-size SD-card adaptors for the micr-SD cards, and keep the adaptors in the J.Burrows holder, along with a slip of paper, with the number written on it, and details of what is on the card.

It is easy enough to pull out the slip of paper and write in new details when the card gets changed.

Simple system, I now don't get the cards confused.

When I was trying to figure out how to organize the cards, I ordered this holder from Amazon:

It hasn't arrived yet. This is an alternative way to organize the cards. There is a surface to write-on on the back, which apparently is plasticy, so with the appropriate temporary marker pen, I guess the labels could be erased.

For me, it is looking like my first solution is the best. The J.Burrows holder is bulky, but holds up to four Flash sticks, so is a handy thing for when I am traveling, to keep all my memory devices together.

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