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Quirky boots in 9 seconds on Pi3

September 04, 2016 — BarryK
Well, I just counted mentally, didn't use a stop-watch. Got 9 seconds, for the desktop fully loaded.

I have upgraded to the 4.4.19 kernel, and did a test build, ran woofQ on my Pi2, so as to build a distro natively.

Works on both Pi2 and Pi3. Which I reported on yesterday:

I have posted about this to the Puppy Forum, but that is Fatdogarm thread, so really need to create a new thread:

I reported earlier that the old armv6 PETs that I compiled on my Pi1 work:

Um, well, no they don't. Some of them give that "not an executable" with ldd, even statically compiled binaries.

So, there are 22 armv6 PET packages that I was using. Today will recompile all of them for Quirky Xerus armv7. At this stage, have to do it manually.

But, the latest build looks real good, so not far away from a release.


Trying again to compile SeaMonkey on the Pi2 (running Quirky Xerus).a

First attempt it stopped after several hours with "compiler internal error".

This time, I have changed optimisation from "-Os" to "-O2", and added a swap partition (on a flash stick). I also set "-J1", use only one core.

I left it compiling overnight, about 12 hours so far, still going.

I could have used the Pi3, but I am a little bit wary, want to compile everything on the "lesser" CPU, to be certain that the result will run on both. I don't see how it will be a problem compiling on the Pi3, but after the trouble with all those PETs compiled on the Mele, I am being ultra cautious.

Now I have been thrown a curved ball. Was hoping to upload an alpha build tonight, however, the build is broken -- rox-filer and viewnior cannot display any images.

I have never seen this phenomenon before. Don't understand the error messages. Other apps such as SeaMonkey display images ok. Have to try a few trial and error things, which may take away.
Anyway, I do intend to bring out an alpha build soon.

Tags: quirky, linux