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Quirky running on Odroid XU4

September 25, 2016 — BarryK
That was easy. Here is a photo:

I am between houses right now, staying in the guest room of a relative's house, with everything setup on a card table.
So, everything looks tumbled together. My phone does not take very good indoor photos, which is why the photo looks a bit washed out.

Anyway, you can see on the left, my Pi2 and Pi3, on the right is the Odroid XU4.

I am using the XU4 right now. The wifi adaptor is the "number 3" sold by Hard Kernel (the Odroid vendors), and it "just works".

No sound. Haven't tried anything else, this is the very first bootup.

The kernel is the current official one for the Odroid XU4, version 3.10.96. That is very old and unfortunately the Overlay filesystem was introduced with the 3.18 kernel, so I need to upgrade the kernel.

Later versions are still experimental, but I might have a go at compiling the kernel myself. There are very nice instructions here:

Though, the developers on the Hard Kernel forum are applying various patches. A lot of Exynox 5422 SoC support has gone into the mainline kernel, so it will be interesting to see how it performs without any patching.

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