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SanDisk Extreme 64GB Flash stick

September 09, 2016 — BarryK
I posted earlier, bemoaning the slowness of my Emtec Click3.0 64GB USB3 Flash stick, with a measly read speed of 20MB/s:

eMMC Flash technology can do read speeds of about 140MB/s. This technology is found in solid state drives (SSD), and I thought that it would also be in top-of-the-range USB Flash sticks, but at a price.

So, I looked at Officeworks, and found this:

...hmmm, AU$111.

Apparently, this Flash stick has the same technology as in SSDs. Here is the manufacturer's page:

I looked online, found the cheapest here, AU$44.95 ($49.34 including postage):, I ordered it. Immediately after ordering, the website shows as out-of-stock, so I hope they have got that right and I have indeed got the last one -- I have had the experience of an online store saying in-stock, only to find it isn't after placing the order.

I am keen to get hold of this and test its speed!


This feedback from Ryan on Amazon, is a very good overview of speed:

Random read/write speed is probably my main concern, using the drive for woofQ. Interesting, Ryan says that although not up to modern SSD random read/write, it is still better than a hard drive.

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